About us

Glen Park Community Centre Inc.
Today, Glen Park Community Centre offers a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment for all people in our community.

From humble beginnings to...

From an idea, genuine belief and humble beginnings, Glen Park Community Centre has evolved to become a leader in change, innovation and community service.

Glen Park Community Centre works to create a strong, connected community - free from poverty, isolation and injustice, where every person has access to food, housing, social and economic participation, lifelong learning and support.

We are a member of Learn Local - a network of over 300 not-for-profit organisations across Victoria offering adult community education and training to people from all walks of life.

Through innovative programs and strategic partnerships, Glen Park Community Centre has grown significantly and now provides training and programs including pre-employment pathway programs, health and well-being, handcrafts (including woodworking), painting... etc. These programs are specifically designed to promote physical and mental health, social inclusion and support while strengthening creativity and building skills.

In addition, working closely with the Australian government and the local councils, Glen Park Community Centre hosts Centrelink Outreach and Justice of the Peace on-site. We are constantly working on expanding our ability to deliver official services to the local community. Glen Park Community Centre also hosts “Each Dental Van” providing dental services to the most vulnerable members of our community. Glen Park Community Centre has also formed relationships with a network of local support services to act as a referral point for our most vulnerable members of our community.

Glen Park Community Centre actively participates in community events and initiatives, such as “Jeans 4 Genes”, “Pyjama Day” and “International Day for People with Disability” to name a few. We also hold various celebrations and LGBTQIA+ awareness seminars to educate the public and ensure that no one is ever discriminated against based on gender, race, beliefs and/or abilities. Glen Park Community Centre is a proud member of the “Welcome Here Project” and promotes a safe and welcoming environment for all members of our community.

Glen Park Community Centre is very accessible and has provisions for those with additional needs. From thoroughly equipped facilities to specifically designed programs, we thrive on providing opportunities for safe social engagement and lifelong learning opportunities for those with additional needs.

Cafe on the Park

Glen Park Community Centre is also home to Café on the Park – one of the first social enterprises in the Eastern suburbs to become a registered Social Trader.

Café on the Park provides a space for people of all ages and abilities to learn, be part of a team and experience that social inclusion which sometimes lacks in our lives. Apart from catering services through “Hungry 4 Success Catering”, the delicious dishes and the tasty coffee, Café on the Park provides training for people wanting to re-enter the workforce (through its “Hungry for Success - Training” and pre-accredited hospitality program) in addition to giving people a sense of belonging and the opportunity to rebuild their confidence through social engagement. Café on the Park also achieves this through Glen Park Community Centre’s Volunteer program, providing regular training and social inclusion opportunities to some of our most vulnerable community members. Café on the Park is also a very active participant in several community initiatives, including:

Community Pantry: This is a Café on the Park original initiative with the main objective of alleviating the financial burdens and stress associated with individuals and families struggling financially to put food on their tables. We work tirelessly to ensure your Community Pantry is stocked full of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, non-perishable items of food and personal hygiene items; all within a safe, comfortable venue generously hosted by Glen Park Community Centre.
The Community Pantry is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Community Fruit & Vegetable collection: This service is provided free to Community Pantry members. With the generous support of some local businesses.

Community Egg & Bread collection: This service has been made possible by Bakers Delight located in Heathmont. Community Pantry members are able to access our Community Egg & Bread collection on an as needed basis due to the donations received from Bakers Delight. 


No story about Glen Park Community Centre and Café on the Park can be complete without acknowledging the genuine generosity and hard work of our wonderful volunteers. They are the pillars of our work and of the community as a whole.


We strive to provide better services to our local community and effect change where needed through innovation and understanding. 

We are always happy to hear from you and hope to see you soon!

Personal Care Packs

Glen Park Community Centre understands how important health and hygiene is. We happily provide personal care packs, shower facilities and feminine hygiene products to anyone in need.